At Cabinet Refresh, your goals for your home improvement project are our priority.

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We know that your dreams for your home renovation project can always be bigger and we hope to execute on your full vision when we come to do your cabinets, doors, counters, and more.

That is why Cabinet Refresh partners with Sunlife Financial to help you to afford the project of your dreams. Let us help you with the home improvement and kitchen cabinet refresh job that will make over your home at affordable rates that you can pay for over time through customer financing. Apply for an easy and quick approval of your home-improvement projects using the experts at Sun Life financial to help you accomplish your vision and allow us to make the most of your budget and do great work on your existing cabinetry or add or modify cabinets, pantries, islands, workspaces, bathroom cabinets, laundry cabinets and shelves, and more.

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The bottom line is customer project financing allows you to buy now and pay later.

Pay at the time that is most convenient for you and get your home improvement project finished right away! Sunlight Financial’s simple application process means you get approved and Sunlight Financial immediately pays Cabinet Refresh to get started on your kitchen improvement project as soon as possible.

Cabinet Refresh is happy to provide customer financing through Sunlight Financial, a family-owned, $6 billion home improvement financing company. Through Sunlight Financial, Cabinet Refresh provides point-of-sale, easy-approval, customer financing that allows you to increase your budget and create payment plans so you can easily finance your home improvement projects now. With a variety of plans custom-made to meet your financial needs and objectives, Cabinet Refresh can offer zero interest plans, fixed payment plans, flexible repayment options and more. We are happy to discuss your budget and financial considerations with you at any time.

Create the kitchen or bath design of your dreams now and pay later or over time with Cabinet Refresh Sunlight Financials’ flexible payment options.

You submit your application and upon approval Sunlight Financial immediately finances the purchase of your kitchen, bath, or other home improvement projects. No matter your financial constraints, apply and find out what options are available to you. You may be surprised! Cabinet Refresh and Sunlight Financial offer everything from no FICO score, subprime options to zero percent interest financing and will work to match our best financial products to your unique financial situation.

Quickly apply for financing and upon approval Cabinet Refresh will come give you an estimate and create a vision for the work that fits within your approved budget. Full or partial financing is available, as well as other customer financing options. Cabinet Refresh is proud to provide solutions that enable our customers to execute on their vision. Please call us for information on financing and to get an idea of a budget for your kitchen or home improvement project. Cabinet Refresh manages everything from touchups to installation of new doors and cabinets. Cabinet Refresh is available to make over your stairwells, interior and exterior doors, indoor workspaces, outdoor workspaces, garages, patios, and laundry rooms. Please explore all options with us and allow us to remake your home in a cost-effective way, not constrained by the ability to pay now.

Fully financed kitchens are available. Even with low or below average credit scores, Sunlight Financial knows the home improvement market and the types of projects you want for your home.

They are interested in collaborating with you now, and Cabinet Refresh are happy to have them supporting our customer base. Their financing solutions are easy-to-use. You apply with them, and they finance our work directly immediately on approval of your application. Sunlight offers instant credit approval for qualified applicants and further review for applicants with marginal credit. Minimal documentation is required for approval, and they provide highly competitive loan rates with flexible APRs and payment terms. The general qualification criteria include home improvement projects nationwide with reputable contractors on which Sunlight Financial its reputation. Cabinet Refresh is confident in Sunlight’s stellar platform and reputation as a first-class, publicly traded company (NYSE: SUNL).

No matter what your budget is they have a home improvement loan that to fit your needs, including fixed interest loans for customers looking for an affordable monthly payment, as well as deferred interest loans for customers looking for a short-term solution to any financing needs.

Getting paid soon but need your project done now? Quickly apply for Sunlight Financials’ products and learn about your options and the ultimate cost to you. With their white glove service and customer focus, Sunlight Financial gives you the tools to make your home improvement project financing go smoothly and quickly. The finance everything from interior remodeling, cabinetry makeovers, new cabinets, islands, pantries, sinks, new hardware, new drawers, painting, or staining cabinets inside and out, painting or staining drawers paint windows, stairwells, decks, laundry rooms, patios areas, BBQ areas, workstations, office spaces, garage spaces, and more. Contact us know to learn about how Cabinet Refresh can help: (888) 885-2058. Sunlight Financials simple application will quickly let you know whether you are approved for full or partial financing and on what terms.

Sunlight Financial is an industry leader that continues to provide best-in-class credit performance as an organization, managing risk prudently, and helping customers finance a variety of home improvement projects. Cabinet Refresh and Sunlight Financial are the perfect partners for your kitchen cabinet and home improvement projects. Maintaining industry-leading credit quality has always been a core pillar of Sunlight’s success.

Feel free to inquire at any time about interest rates loan structure, payment terms and zero interest loans. The expert at Sunlight Financial have been financing home improvement projects for 25 years, and they pride themselves on customer service on par with ours here at Cabinet Refresh. We have chosen this great company to work with because they are industry leaders in home renovation project financing. They know what type of customer you are and they’re there to help.