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kitchen remodeling los angeles is a wonderful family owned cabinet refacing business located in Los Angeles California. We specialize in refinishing, refacing, staining, and painting of cabinets, staircases, garage doors, front doors, the list goes on! We are fully licensed and insured and we fully are compliant with the state of California regulations and their requirements. If you were looking for a refinishing company that works for you and is highly detail oriented and this is the company for you!

Here at kitchen remodeling los angeles we love what we do. They never get tired of hearing clients tell them how happy they are with their new kitchens or their new bathroom cabinets or whatever the project may be. Cabinet refresh was birthed out of a need that we had identified in the market, that we could not see anyone bridging. We decided to jump in and revamp these services. We are located in Los Angeles and we specialize in refinishing and refacing. Early on in our inception we focused on practices that minimize mass and minimize time and minimize disruption for our clients. We want to give you the wood refinement of your dreams!

There is no job too big or too small for our company! With a background in the countertop industry, our founder, Scott Viers. He searched for a professional cabinet refacing company in Los Angeles and when he couldn’t find one he jumped on board and decided to do it himself. Wall selling and installing countertops years ago nearly two out of three clients would point out that they need their cabinets redone. Scott started looking for good refinishers in the market and created relationships and subcontracted projects to these people the mini times he was not satisfied with processes or with a final outcome. He decided to take this on himself.

Our founder Scott started by going to refinishing and woodworking expos namely the annual show in Vegas for woodworkers and finishers. He bought an Apollo sprayer and determined the best finished products to start with and then he began. He filled his weekends and evenings with loading up old and damaged cabinet doors from Habitat for Humanity that he refinished and used as props for home shows and to show clients his talent. When he started to grow his clientele base in the word spread and the business started growing, the next thing we know is our company was winning awards after awards! We have won two years in a row for Angie’s list on yelp and houzz. What is the word spread in the business expanded cabinet refresh bought a building which is now the base of operations.

If you are looking for a company that strives to do the absolute best and will work hard and diligently to make your dream a reality then kitchen remodeling los angeles is your one stop shop! Pick up that cell phone and call us today at 888.885.2058 and or check out our hassle-free website at we can not wait to help you to reach your refacing and refinishing goals! Since LA is one of the toughest and most demanding markets in the world, we had to make sure that our products were well received in the market. We make wood look so fresh.

Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles | Best In California

kitchen remodeling los angeles has been matching regulations and exceeding expectations in the refacing and refinishing industry for many years. If you are looking for a company that will go above and beyond to make sure the best job is done Think this is the right company for you. We strive to do the best job in Los Angeles and stay at the top. We have won several awards year after year. We will continue to strive to keep winning those awards for years to come.

With kitchen remodeling los angeles we guarantee that you will have a job well done. We will exceed your expectations bringing your dreams to life. Should you do it yourself or give us a call? Doing your own refinishing and resurfacing can end up costing you more money in the long run. It also takes away time that you could be using to spend with your family and making money of your own. We do the job for you and we make sure that the job is well done.

Don’t let the stress of doing it yourself put you down. We are a company that strives to revive any wooden cabinet or flooring or staircase etc. We have one award after award for our excellent job and we will continue to meet those expectations and get better and better at our job through years of experience. We have a team that works on a regular basis to make sure that we are capturing your vision of what you want your cabinets and floors and staircases to be.

kitchen remodeling los angeles offers exceptional work with a detail oriented team that strives to be the best in town. If you were located in Los Angeles California we are excited to be able to help you make your dreams a reality. What is the point of waking up every day sad about the floors that you have or the cabinets that you have. If you have freshly refinished cabinets and flooring and doors then you will go about your day having one less thing on your to do list. A great benefit of having A skilled team take on these tasks of updating your cabinets and flooring etc.

We allow you to have the time and it brings up your energy so that you can focus on your family. Having nice doors, staircases, flooring, cabinets and bathrooms really encourages family and friends to visit and is a welcoming place for the holidays. We want you to give us a call today so that we can help you have the home of your dreams. Call us at 888.885.2058 or visit our website at we are so ready and excited to improve your wood.